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Too often, we settle. Women, Men, Young and Not so Young, for whatever reason we do it. We trick ourselves into believing that our current state of unhappiness and displeasure is where we are destined to be. That it’s the best life can offer to us — so we willingly accept it.

Don’t get me wrong– this is not something we say to ourselves as we look in the mirror in the midst of teeth brushing, hair combing, makeup applying, or face shaving. No, we do this way before our feet touch the floor at the dawn of a new day.images-1


Maybe it is because we forget that each day is an unique day. Each day is the most important day in our lives, right here, right now for two very important reasons:

1. Today is a brand new day that we have never seen before. It is unlike any other. It is a time to try again, to use past falls, stumbles, and triumphs as building blocks for the future.

2. Today is a day we won’t ever see again once it is complete. We won’t ever get the chance to experience today again. There is no re-do, no rewind button on time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

I’ve learned that time is precious, valuable and we can’t get it back. For that reason, we have to use it wisely–o so wisely.

Don’t settle today, tomorrow or any day henceforth because we are not meant to live like zombies in a state of unhappiness and displeasure–and not even know it. We are meant to live full in all areas– so if you have settled in your personal, professional, familial, spiritual, or any aspect of our lives– pursue better, obtain better, and accept better when it’s offered.

I stand in agreement that your life can and will be better.


Happy Monday!

With love,



Friendship, Göteborg, Sweden

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I am not a fan of packing. I don’t like it. It is the part of traveling that I like the least (although it is one of the most important parts). Thankfully, one of my flatmates has agreed to help me in the process. By help, I mean, I am sitting down writing this as she does some sort of rolling technique to my clothing to save space. Either way, I know I will have to pay the price (literally) for my luggage to return home. I am so grateful that she would help me move out and I have had several friends volunteer to drive me to the airport or pay for my taxi (not a cheap ride) to the airport. What can I say? They are AMAZING!

In fact, while I was saying goodbye to my friend who lives next door to me, I surprisingly got emotional. She was talking about how it’s so sad to say “goodbye” because you honestly don’t know if you will ever see the friends you have made here again. With the economy, life, school and everything else going on, who knows if we will ever see each other or Manchester again.

The reality of her words set in as I sat across from her with a table between us.

This could be the last time. Wow, she is such a sweet and genuine person. I’ll really miss her.

As tears well up in my eyes, one manages to escape as it slides down my cheek in an unguided way.

Don’t you do this! Don’t you cry. This is ridiculous.

But, is it really ridiculous to show emotions? To show sadness? To show appreciation for friendship via tears?

No, it’s not.

So I won’t be ashamed for crying as I say “goodbye” to a friend that I literally may never ever have the opportunity to sit across from in a room, with the only thing separating us is a table. Way may not be in the same continent, country, time zone, etc ever again. I think that says a lot.

Since I’m leaving tomorrow morning, I have been bombarded with hugs and well wishes and gifts from the kind and beautiful people (inside and out) I have met here. I do not like saying “goodbyes.” In fact, I contemplated just leaving without saying anything, but if our friendships ever meant anything to me, I owe them that. I owe them a proper goodbye, full of hugs and smiles and maybe even a few tears.

So as we exchange well wishes and double cheeked kisses, they’ll know that our friendship was real and that even if I never see them again, they have affected my life in immeasurable ways.

For that I am forever grateful for the opportunity to live in Manchester and to meet many wonderful people along the journey.

Until Next Time,


Alarm clock

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Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzzz

My alarm clock goes off and I press the snooze button. 15 minutes later, I arise out of bed to begin my day.

No time for breakfast, I rush out of my dormitory to the bus stop.

Dang, I just missed the 9:30am bus.

Which means I have to take the 9:37am bus.

Wait, Wait, Wait

Taps foot to an aggravated rhythm.

Looks at clock.

I’m definitely going to be late.

I text my classmate asking her to offer my apologies to Mel, my instructor.

I hop on the bus.

There are atleast 20 stops between me and my destination.

Calculation, Translation:

I’m going to be later.

Run off the bus

Bypassing mums and dads, businessmen and women, students like myself

To try to make it before 10:10am.

Where is the room?

In the library

Upstairs to the left

Through the elevators

Up the ramp

Down the hallway


Where’s you i.d?

You need it to get in the library.

Digs in bag.

Heart racing

Deep breathing.

Where is it? Where is it?


I found it!

Shows the i.d.

Rushes down the hallway

To my class.

Mel’s talking.

I walk in. Sit down.

And class begins for me.

10 minutes late. 

Yesterday was my first day of classes.