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“I wish statuses had a plagiarism check so people would give credit to where the got their enlightened statuses from. Some of yall are perpetuating like these are your original thoughts instead of giving credit due, which is proper when quoting.” -Sharnee Green via Facebook

Coincidentally, I had begun to write a post about this EXACT concept a few days prior and was compelled to continue.

With the onset of social media and reposts, retweets, and sharing of social media, I find that our sense of plagiarism is waning.

For those who don’t know, plagiarism is when you use a person’s thoughts, words, ideas or concepts and claim that you are the original author. For those who desire a formal definition, According to The Merriam Webster Website:

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Ironically, I saw a really motivational quote on social media. It had several likes, shares and reposts. The thing about it was it sounded eerily familiar. I heard another person (the author) say the exact same thing in their video. I sooooo wanted to write on their page and say, “hey, did you get this from such and such?” But, I didn’t want to seem like a hater on their “enlightened statuses” so I just let is slide.

Moral of the story:

It’s okay to post other people’s thoughts; it’s not okay to repost them or add a line or two that is different and not give credit to the person.

For example, if I wrote/said: “Today the sky is blue. It has never been this blue. You should look at it and enjoy it.” and you write the same thing, you plagiarized. Or maybe you add a few lines and write, “I just woke up. Today the sky is blue. It has never been this blue. You should look at it and enjoy it. Be blessed”  you plagiarized.

So when I find out that you are basically taking credit for someone’s else’s work, I give you the stank face because I have been deceived.


If you are not going to give proper credit, be original. Add to the conversation.Stop plagiarizing and just quote the person directly. You don’t want the stink face.

Be blessed.

With Love,



So, I’m sure many of you are familiar with the new passive aggressive form of commenting on social media using Kermit The Frog’s face. Well if not, there has been a meme circulating that has Kermit drinking a liquid beverage, presumably tea (though some say it is liquor/milk/coffee). This meme is usually accompanied with a text of him saying something that may be truthful and partly comical but the underbelly is rude, disrespectful and sad. The meme ends with a statement under the guise “but that’s none of my business.” Kermit


Now, let’s be clear. I have nothing against Kermit the Frog. In fact, I hope him and Ms. Piggy have a great life together, but what concerns me is the passive aggressiveness that is being used by many to say things they would feel less compelled to say or post about others. Kermit is saying many things people want to say but have not or do not due to social etiquette or quite frankly because “it’s none of [their] business.” I believe some are posting these memes as a guise for their own feelings and a silent jab at others whom the post may be applicable.


I have seen some comments such as: “Some of y’all don’t look like your daddy at all…but that’s none of my business” “You posting naked pics for 100 likes but you afraid to read out loud in front of 20 ppl. But again, that’s none of my business.” “4 of my followers have the same boyfriend…but that’s none of my business” “Ya’ll liking the memes that’s talking about you…but that’s none of my business.” Now, the comments may be true, but have you ever heard the saying, “All truths don’t need to be told.” Truthfully, we all have memes that could be made about one aspect or another of our lives. images-2


So what if a person is rocking J’s and living with their Momma? So what if a person doesn’t pay child support but pops bottles in the club? What does that have to do with you? And a better questions is how can you help solve the problem?

In short, my motto: Don’t point out a problem if you can’t offer a solution.

Looking at it from a macro scale, maybe it is OUR business as a society. Maybe we need to discuss the single-parent homes, mismanagement of funds, misappropriation of government funding, and how some folks are just not so good parents, friends, coworkers, or people period.

Many may reason, well the memes are just for kicks, jokes, and giggles and that may be true; however, many jokes are grounded in truth…that’s what makes them relatable and funny. I urge you to go beyond the surface, dig deeper, and think of the message behind the memes. It is saying something. What? I’m not 100% sure. While some consider the memes hilarious, I believe it is pointing us toward some larger issues in society. Now that’s Somebody’s Business!

Food for thought.

What do you think? I’d love to hear from you. Also, share your kermit memes with me.

Feel free to share this via social media. With love, M.S.

Years ago, I began one of my first summer internships at SC-ETV which stands for South Carolina Education Television. To tell you a little bit about SC-EVT, I have taken the liberty of quoting the website which states, “South Carolina ETV is the state’s public educational broadcasting network with 11 television transmitters, 8 radio frequencies and a multi-media educational system in more than 2,500 schools, colleges, businesses and government agencies. Using television, radio and the web, SCETV’s mission is to enrich lives by educating children, informing and connecting citizens, celebrating our culture and environment and instilling the joy of learning.”

As you can see, the main goal of SC-ETV is education. While there, I worked in the Creative Services Department. I learned many lessons both personally and professionally that have been incorporated into my life. I wish to share some of those “Aha Moments” as Oprah would call them, with you.

At SC-ETV, I quickly learned the culture of the office. Although many different departments wore business suits to work, I learned that wearing jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers was the norm for our department. Sure, there were some who wore suits and business casual wear to work (slacks and  a polo) those who tended to go out and shoot footage tended to be less formal in their clothing. I suppose it is only practical when you are shooting footage on a hot summer day of some type of historical celebration to be as comfortable as possible.

From day one at the office, I tended to dress business casual (dress pants/skirt and a blouse; dress and a sweater). I went by the rule of whatever I would wear to church, I would wear to work. A few weeks into working, my boss took me aside and said, “Morgan, I notice how you are always dressed professionally. Keep that up because whether you think so or not, people notice.”

From that conversation, I learned: Dressing the part can sometimes make the difference. Your clothing communicates something about you long before you open your mouth.

As I continued to work there, I had the opportunity to be given a project by my boss’s supervisor. I cannot recall the specific task, but I do know that I had to go into his office to get briefed for my role. As I walked to his office, I noticed that his door was closed. On his door was a sign that stated, “I’m uninterested in how the job can’t be done.”

Before ever entering his office, I learned an important lesson:

We all have 24 hours in a day. What you do with them is up to you.

Persistence pays off.

Hard work pays off.

Determination pays off.

But excuses are unacceptable.

Like his sign said, in life, many people’s interest does not lie in why you could not get your job done. It’s more tailored to see how you will overcome those obstacles to get the job done, especially when others are counting on you.

At another job, I was called into the CEO’s office to work on a project. I usually did not work directly under him so I was shocked that he even knew my name, much less wanted me to come to his office. In a rush, I left my office and bolted to his door, leaving all my materials behind.

When I came in his office, he looked at me and said, “Where is your pen and paper?”

Stunned, I was honest and said, “I forgot, sir.”

He then replied, “Go back to your office. You should never come into someone’s office without a pen or paper. It’s not professional.”

I left his office.

I thought to myself, “Surely he must think I’m an idiot.”

Later that afternoon, he called me back into his office. I carried enough pens and paper in their for everyone to use. lol

What I learned was “Be prepared. Sometimes you only get one opportunity to prove yourself.”

After working at that office a few months, I tended to continue to work directly under the CEO. I, among, many of my co-workers were shocked that I had been there the shortest amount of time, yet I was being called on by him more than some who had worked there for years.  Of course, comments began to be made, stating that I was the “favorite probably because of the way I looked,” totally disregarding my intellect which made me capable to do my job and do it well.

That’s when I learned that jealousy is a part of your life when you are doing well. Ignore them.  “When you do well, people notice.” -Oprah

Nevertheless, I , myself was curious why he would call me in his office to brainstorm a new program or go over a speech or proofread an email, etc. Surely, there were others in the office with more experience than me.

After proofreading an email for the CEO, he stated: “Morgan, do you know why I continue to ask you to help me with projects?”

“No sir,” I said.

“It’s because you don’t complain. Any time I ask you to do something, big or small, you do it. You’re pleasant. You’re a hard worker and I like that.”

That was when I learned that sometimes it’s not about qualifications, but more so it’s about your attitude. His comment reminded me of what my Grandma always said, “___________ will take you further than your money or education ever will…”

Through my experience, I’ve learned that respect, hard work, humbleness, and faith are some of those attributes that will take you further than money or education.

Like always, my Grandma was right.

Love you guys and girls,


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Infographic on how Social Media are being used...

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Facebook. Twitter. Blogs. Youtube. Flickr. Myspace. Wikipedia. Linkedin

These are some of the social media devices that have been born in the last decade or so (give or take some time) and it appears that they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Like many, I was NOT a fan of social media. Sure, I used facebook to keep upwith my friends, family and colleagues. Yes, I even used the antiquated Myspace to listen to music and view pictures. But now, it seems as if you are not linkedin (no pun intended) to social media outlets then you are way out of the loop.

The new forms of social media allow for greater transparency that crosses space and time. No longer do we have  to wait for the mailman to drop the daily newspaper off or sit and tune in to the 5 or 6 or 7 o’clock news to stay in touch with local, national and international news. Now, information is literally at our fingertips. Which can be a good and not so good thing.

The touch of a button could almost instantaneously yield enough information on any subject that if we tried to read it all, we would all be blue in the face by the time it was over. Also the fact that anyone can post information on the world wide web creates issues with the credibility and validity of the content that we read. Nevertheless, the main benefit is that we have it. Information is available to us in almost limitless ways and it is up to us as consumers of it to do so with discretion.  As technology continues to progress, I can only imagine what all we will be able to access at the click of a button.


What about those who are not technologically savvy? What do we do? Where do we go for help? When I moved to the U.K, I quickly realized how necessary it was to be informed and in tune with social media. In fact, at one of our first classes, we were urged to get a linkedin account, make sure our twitter and fb were professional and start subscribing to news subscription. Also, it appeared that at least half of my classmates blogged (something that I had only recently started a few weeks prior.)

I felt overwhelmed due to my ignorance regarding social media. I knew how to access what I needed, when I needed. But, I had never once considered entering the conversation that occurs via social media. Jobs are found. Professional and personal connections are made. And I believe that those of us who are not tuned into social media may be missing out on very good opportunites.

After all, when working in the realm of PR, and many of fields for that matter, how are you going to make small talk over the water cooler or in the elevator if you do not know what the people in your field are discussing.

Social Media seems here to stay, so you may as well learn how to use it. It will make you more marketable and definitely more competitive in the job market.