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I ran across this spoken word and felt compelled to share. It was written as a conversation starter for our society, particularly our youth. The video discusses the importance of material items and how we inaccurately use it to define our worth. It concludes by redefining the scale on which we measure our individual worth and challenges the notions that materialism equates wealth and worth.

One of my favorite lines:

“…I just want to tell them that if you’re walking in the wrong direction, it doesn’t matter what is on your feet. And if you’re not hearing sound truth, no I don’t care about your beats. And if your words aren’t edifying, no I don’t want to see your tweet. Because your desperation to take a seat with the elite will eventually become your defeat. “

Do you wear Jordans? Are you a fan? Watch this!


Chile, these past two weeks I have been going out every weekend, trying to soak up as much of the nightlife as I can. I went to Madison Lounge a few times, Bijou once and Entourage once. In celebration of one of my classmate’s birthday (in pic with me), we went to dinner and then partied Friday and Saturday. During the same weekend, it was my flatmate’s 21st birthday so we rode in style around town (Limo boo) and then went out.

These nights were fantastic. I promise you I did not get much sleep and I spent way too much money on cute clothes/shoes to go out in, but you gotta look the part right? All I brought with me to Manchester was stuff to wear to class; I had no idea that I would be going out, so I brought NOTHING. That was so silly of me. As a result, I had to buy a few outfits to wear out. BUT it was definitely worth it. I met some really cool people and had a blast dancing to different types of music (Afro Beat, Rap/Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Rock, etc).

As usual, I have an eclectic mix of friends so my adventures take me from a rock bar to an African night club all in the same evening. When I go out, it’s amazing. At times, I feel guilty because I really am not a partier, per say, but I am proud of myself that I went out and actually had fun. At home, I don’t go out that often. But, I paid for it on Sunday because I was soooooooooo tired. lol

Life is not all about school and work. Sometimes, you have to let your hair down (in moderation).

Speaking of hair, I now have a short hair cut. It started out longer, but I let one of my friend’s here (who always looks fly) give me a makeover. I was scared at first, but I actually really like my hair and I plan to wear it like this when I get home.

My classmates were amazed at my “transformation;” I must say, it feels good to try a different hairstyle. I call it my “UK Hairdo.” I hope this fashionably adventurous side of me continues to grow and blossoms when I return to the US.

The Theme Song for the nights I went out was definitely Beyonce’s “Party.”

Cher Lloyd — With Ur Love (feat. Mike Posner) is the new song on my playlist. I like the beat and it reminds me of something I would sing along to while riding in the car.

Here is a brief bio from the BBC website:

“Cher Lloyd (born 28 July 1993) is a British singer and rapper from Malvern, Worcestershire. Lloyd rose to fame in 2010 when she participated in reality TV series The X Factor, to which she finished in fourth place. Shortly afterwards, Lloyd was signed by Simon Cowell to Sony Records subsidary SyCo Music, releasing her debut single “Swagger Jagger” in June 2011. Despite receiving negative reviews, the single entered at number-one in the UK chart and number-two in the Irish chart. Her second single “With Ur Love” released on 31 October and features Mike Posner. The single, which preceeds the album Sticks + Stones, has already garnered 30 million views on Youtube collectively with “Swagger Jagger”.

 David Guetta–Without You (Featuring Usher) has also joined my list of favorites.

Here is a brief bio from the BBC website via Wikipedia.

“Pierre David Guetta (born 7 November 1967), known professionally as David Guetta, is a French house music producer and DJ. Originally a DJ at nightclubs during the 1980s and 1990s, he co-founded Gum Productions and released his first album, Just a Little More Love, in 2002. Later, he released Guetta Blaster (2004) and Pop Life (2007). His 2009 album One Love included the hit singles “When Love Takes Over” (featuring Kelly Rowland), “Gettin’ Over You” (featuring Chris Willis, Fergie & LMFAO) and “Sexy Bitch” (featuring Akon), the last becoming a top five hit in the US and all three reaching #1 in the UK, as well as another internationally known single called “Memories” featuring Kid Cudi which became a top five hit in many countries. Guetta has sold over three million albums and 15 million singles worldwide. He is currently one of the most sought-after music producers.”

Chase & Status–Blind Faith is another song that will be on replay. I love the reggae tone of their voices combined with the rock feel of the song. Makes you want to slow wind yet rock out! A different combination.

I’ve never been a fan of the Ugg boots; I do not like how they look on my wide and short feet.

However, when I see them on others, I appreciate the style.

In 2009, I remember there was a huge trend in the U.S. to wear Ugg boots. The prices ranged from $125-$200 dollars (if memory serves me correct). Needless to say, I , a meager college student, never saw the necessity in buyng expensive Ugg boots when I could but the knock off brands (and rock them quite well, might I add). lol

Since my arrival in the U.K., I have noticed the pervasiveness in Ugg boots in the youth/young adult culture. In fact, in a class of  approximatley 13 students, 11 are females. Atleast 3  of the 11 have and wear Ugg boots on a regular.

I’ve seen the normal, ordinary styles of Ugg boots but today, I saw this girl wearing the most amazing pair of Ugg boots I have ever seen. I call them “rocker cowgirl” as the  light brown boots have tassles around the top and gold spikes all over the boot.

Intrigued by the girl’s boots, I just had to take a picture (see below).

 These shoes definitely changed my opinion on Uggs. These are 2011 Luxury Ugg Boot collection by renowned fashion designer, Jimmy Choo. The girl who wore them was very friendly. She told me that she purchased  the “rocker cowgirl” Ugg boots for £500 pounds, equivalent to $750 but they are now on sale for £250 which is equivalent to $400 dollars.  

Yes, the amount is correct.

Now, where college students get the money to buy such expensive shoes, I don’t know.  But, I sure wouldn’t mind having a pair myself. So if anyone wants to contribute to the “Help Mo get her first pair of Uggs fund,” I will be more than willing to send you my contact information. LOL 

To learn more about The Story of UGG, see pictures and view prices, visit this website:,en_GB,pg.html

To see more pictures and prices of Ugg boots, visit this website:





Umbrella (song)

Image via Wikipedia

Rihanna is huge in the U.K. as well as many other countries, including the U.S.  Every day I hear her songs, see pictures of her on the front pages of magazines, or hear references to her in various mediums (television/newspaper, etc).


Although her single, “We Found Love” is huge on the charts, I find that an earlier hit seems to be the song of Manchester.   I believe her song,  “Umbrella” is the mot juste for any day here.


It rains daily here; in fact, it has rained non-stop for the past four days. For example, In the span of a few hours, it has been sunny, hailed and rained.  In Manchester, an ensemble is not complete without an umbrella or some type of waterproof clothing (rainboots, jackets, etc) to protect citizens from the weather. For that reason, no matter what fashionable outfit one may wear, it is never complete without a good and sturdy umbrella.

More often than not, you will see people walking around with umbrella’s like the one’s below. So before anyone sings, “Cheers (Drink to That)” while listening to Ri-Ri, it’s best to have your “Umbrella, Ella, Ella, Aye”  handy as well.