As the year begins, I have outlined some of the ways in which I want to improve my life.

In no order of importance are some of the overarching aspects of them here:

  1. Quality over Quantity in ALL aspects of life.
  2. Become financially astute in regards to savings and investments
  3. Take care of my temple (Eat breakfast; Workout; Drink water) (I do none of those things consistently)
  4. Remove clutter in personal and professional life
  5. Spiritual uplift/wholeness
  6. Respect time. Try to be early, not just on time. with deadlines and appointments
  7. Make room (for fun, opportunities, friendships, love).
  8. Finish what I’ve started (books, business plans, etc.)

How about you? What are some of the ways in which you are enhancing your life in 2018. Remember, it all starts with a plan.

Ms. Smalls