Ya’ll it’s April. I promise you, it was just January. April is the month of the Aries and the Taurus, but in my book, it is also my “ish just got real” month. You see, April is when the majority of my assignments are due and when I literally do not have time to waste. It’s the month where I have to “cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it. Them deadlines way too close, I need to cut it” (And yes, I sang that as I wrote it). So in an effort to be more productive, I have done an assessment on four ways in which I #wastemyowntime2017

  1. THE FACEBOOK. Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild will have me in the sunken place. It’s like a sensory overload and a lot of people on my timeline are hilarious and a simple quick trip on Facebook will have me waste AT LEAST 20-30 minutes cackling. I like to cackle aka laugh with my tongue out my mouth, so I get caught up laughing at random cat videos, petty posts, memes and videos. And since I don’t like to cackle on my own, I’ll send this posts to others so we all can cackle together. And before you know it, the jokes on me, as I have to stay up way later than I desire to finish an assignment. Recently, I was called “A Facebook Ambassador” and I CACKLED because it is true. I need help. I need to detox from the book cuz the book don’t pay no bill of mine. smh Facebook is like Target. A set up. A trick of the enemy. lol
  2. THE YOUTUBE. Man, let me tell you, mess around with YouTube if you want, and it will have you listening to a TD Jakes sermon, transition into Brandy’s “Never Say Never,” album, and close with a bootleg version of “Love Jones” (One of my favorite movies) all in one night. And don’t let me there be a good tv show on that I didn’t catch. Now, I’m on the TUBE searching for a review video where folks tell me about the show that I didn’t watch so I can catch up. And then, I’m all tired the next day, BUT I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED ON (insert your favorite TV show) THO!! That, my friends is the definition of hustling backwards. Does it really matter if She by Sheree is completed? No.  Does it matter if Kirk the Jerk had a baby while married to Rasheeda? No. Does it matter if Huck lives or dies or Scandal?  Do we care if Mary Jane stays with ole cutie with the light eyes… Yes we do. LOL  All I’m saying is I had to put myself on a TV quota.
  3. DAYDREAMING. I am not Mariah Carey. I do not have a single out titled “Dreamlover,” so why am I sitting in front of my computer singing songs or daydreaming about stuff that ain’t never happened. Maybe it’s the creative in me, but I literally write songs and books in my head…but sometimes, I’m too lazy to actually write them down. Still hustling backwards.
  4. PROCRASTINATION. I get a lot of things done in a day. It just tends to be stuff that could wait cuz I really don’t wanna do the things I should be doing. Now, don’t get me wrong, my deadlines are always met and my work is top quality, but I would like to know what it feels like to have something done a week or a few days in advance. You know, instead of praying to God for energy to keep me up and my mind activated to get the job done.

Ya’ll time is precious and we gotta do a better job of managing it. I just had a birthday in March and I ain’t got time to waste ya’ll. Actually none of us do. I need my sleep and my food and my Lord helps those who help themselves. So I guess this is the first step in admitting I have a problem. What are some ways that you waste time? Let’s discuss how we can move forward together in April with a little more pep in our step and time on our side.