I really wanted a dog. I had been researching it– taking dog quizzes to figure out which breed would fit my lifestyle and personality, visiting dog shelters to find potential pets, completing dog adoption papers, budgeting dog supplies, getting advice from pet owners,  etc.  I was going through the motions of obtaining a dog but it never seemed to work out. Months passed– still no dog. I couldn’t seem to figure out why.

It wasn’t until months later I realized I wanted a dog for all the wrong reasons. I wanted it to play dress up and for photo ops. I wanted it to be there for the fun moments. The convenient times.  I wanted it to greet and play with me on the days I had time to spare (I travel often), but I didn’t want to clean up poop, or vomit, or have him/her tear up my furniture, or potty train or teach commands. Despite traveling often, not wanting to clean up after another being or be responsible for the welfare of another mammal, I wanted a dog. Sounds crazy, right?

I loved the idea of a dog, but not the reality of owning a dog. And I do not think I am alone…

For some of us it’s a dog. For others it could be the idea of a serious relationship or marriage, kids, having a six pack of abs, position/promotion at work, etc . We’re in love with the fantasy versus the reality of it. When the truth is, all of those things require effort– effort to obtain and effort to maintain. We would love to have those things but are not willing to put in the work for them right now. And that is okay.

In my quest to find a dog, I realized there is nothing wrong with admitting I liked the idea but not the reality. Truth is, I say I want some things and to a certain extent, may even believe it when I say it. But the reality is… I’m just not ready for it. So I thank God for not giving me the things I wanted when I thought I wanted them (dog included).

I’m better off without those things/relationships for now, except the abs. I really want those. Wonder if I can buy it out of Walmart. 🙂

P.S- if there are certain things you really want and can’t see yourself without, then you have to put in the work. Be like Nike- Just. Do. It. If not, maybe it is a sign that you don’t need it right now or at all.

Be Blessed.