Under normal circumstances, we each have 24 hours in a day and with that the liberty to do what we choose with those hours. Work, Sleep, Exercise, Eat, Watch TV, etc. Whatever we do, we choose.

I am a firm believer that people do what they want.this-relationship-is-doomed1

With that being said, don’t make excuses for a person’s bad behavior. For example:

The guy that ONLY texts you late at night when he wants to slide through to spend some “quality time” with you. Any other time, he is A.W.O.L. Ma’am, that’s a person that wants you to be a booty call. 

That guy you have been dating forever, but when you bring up marriage it’s like you have ebola.  Ma’am he wants to continue doing whatever ya’ll been doing- playing house. 

The girl you have been wining and dining who always seem to get in relationships– but it’s never with you. But, she will take that free meal. Sir, that’s called she don’t want you and she’s stringing you along. 

The person who says they are drama free and don’t want negativity around them, yet they are always stirring the pot. Chile, that’s called messiness. 

Stop lying to yourself and live in your truth. Don’t make excuse for people. Watch their actions, not just what they say. 

I know this may seem harsh, but we have to live in reality and stop building up our hope for things that may not come to pass. I’ve learned that it’s best to be honest with yourself and stop making excuses for a person’s poor treatment of you. You deserve better.

Tell the truth. The whole truth. Nothing but the truth.

And more importantly, stop making excuses.

 *Image from globalyoungpeople.org*


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