Feliz cinco de mayo

Feliz cinco de mayo (Photo credit: Serge Melki)

As it is the time for college graduation as well as Cinco de Mayo, I thought I’d remind you of the reasons you want to control and limit your alcohol intake. These do not include the usual reasons such as alcohol poisining which can lead to death if untreated, but instead take a comical look at why you do not want to be the one drunk and experience black out as my dear friend did this past weekend. So sit back, grab about 5 beers (I’m joking) and read on!

You should control your liquor because:

1.) It’s embarrassing- People can make up stories that happened to you and you have no recollection whether or not that actually happened. Who wants to be known as the person who can’t control their liquor.

2.) You owe a lot of people- Others do not want to take care of you, and if they do, they will be able to hold it over your head for quite some time. I charge by the hour and you will owe me a really good meal if I take care of you.

3.) You will be the laughing stock of the group and depending on the friends, pictures or either video will be taken to help refresh your memory. I take both! Who knows where those things could end up! You’d hate to have a picture of you with your face in the toilet, soaking in a bathtub, or lying halfway naked on the tile in the bathroom floor…lol Don’t leave your destiny and reputation in the hands of others. What if you fall out with your friends and they decide to upload those pics on a social netowrk for ALL to see- family, friends, potential employers? It could be tragic! smh

4.) It’s unattractive- What if the night you were drunk, was the night your crush finally noticed you. Pretty hard to spit game if you can’t think clear enough to have subject-verb agreement when you talk.

5.) Hangover- It’s inevitable and you will feel horrible in the morning, evening, or whenever you wake up.