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So, I am leaving soon (3 days) and I must admit, I am having mixed feelings about leaving. On one hand, I am excited about going home to see my friends and family back home. On the other hand, I will really miss my classmates and friends that I have made here. In general, everyone was so nice and helpful and helped make my time here a wonderful experience. Even though I am leaving soon, a good bit of my classmates and friends have made time to meet with me and hang out before leaving. That meant a lot to me as they took time out of their schedules to hang with me before I left. They tend to say, “Don’t leave. Stay with us.” I feel bad that I have to go after making some positive connections with them, but I have no other choice. I must graduate. lol

I’m not good at goodbye’s. It’s not my favorite part about leaving. In fact, I’m kind of awkward when it comes to showing certain emotions, but I believe each of my friends know that I am very much appreciative of the love and support and advice they have given me both personally and professionally.

When I needed to complain about an assignment or discuss family issues, they were each there to listen when I needed them to be. I really didn’t think I would meet people who I would get along with so well, but I did. That was a blessing in itself. I have lived abroad before and this experience exceeded my expectations. I’ve learned. I’ve had fun. I’ve traveled. I’ve had a blast.

It’s sad to say goodbye to everyone. And as many of my friends and classmates go in their own direction (Russia, Ireland, Poland, Korea, Lithuania, Spain, Greece) to name a few, I feel extremely blessed to have met them and I am certain that some of our paths will cross again in the near or far future.

I wish all of them the best of luck in all their endeavors and I promise to not be a stranger.

Love you guys and girls.