For the last few weeks, I realized that I have been pure dee slack in keeping up with this blog. Quite frankly, I chose not to write for some significant reasons:

  1. I was super busy with class and had pressing assignments due.
  2. When I was not busy with class, I was out having fun and enjoying the city. (You know most people say, who has time to write about all the fun you are having while you are having it.)
  3. When #1 and #2 was not occurring, I was in a foul mood due to #1 and group work and did not want to take my frustrations to the blog. I’m sure you would have gotten tired of hearing my complaints about my woes regarding group work, excuses, etc. so I decided not to write.
  4. My bank account was looking super funny, thus contributing to my stress.
  5. I was stressing about my cloudy future (since I have no plans past graduation in May) EEEKKKK!!!

But ya’ll, so much has happened since the last time we met that I have NO CLUE where to begin.

I’ll try to cram 2-3 wks of events into different posts, most likely poems, as I love to express myself creatively.

Here goes nothing…well, actually here goes a lot of something!

Once again, my apologies. I can’t say this same thing won’t ever happen again, but I can guarantee that if I does, I’ll be sorry again. lol

When writing this, I thought about Anita Baker’s song, “I Apologize.”