My Love life



I had a dude

Tell me that he was falling for me.

I told him I wouldn’t have sex with him b4 marriage.

The communication between us has changed.

He drifted away.

And I’m fine with that.

He’s not the first

Nor will he be the last

That can’t meet my standards or requirements.

He said,

“I want a good girl.”

“You’re a good girl.”

“But, I also want someone who can satisfy me sexually.”




My response,

“I can’t fulfill those requirements, so I don’t see

A reason

To pursue


Any longer.”

We’ve reached a dead end

My friend

Nice Knowing you.


I smile on the inside

Because it’s

On To the Next One..

I’m not mad

Or Bitter

I hope we both find

What we are looking for….

My friend tweeted me the perfect song for my situation: Stephanie Mills “You’re Puttin A Rush on Me”