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Example of a bus stop

9:45 am I wake up to get ready for class

10:00 am I leave the bathroom and begin to get dressed

10:15 am  I head to the kitchen to wash my travel mug.

10:17 am I fill my mug with hot tea and wonder if I put my travel mug in my bag will it leak.

10:18 am I grab a 500 mg aspirin and place it in my pocket in fear of menstrual cramps.

10:19 am I leave the front door of my building to walk to the bus stop.

This is what happened between 10:20-10:22 am

When I leave my apartment complex, I see a flatmate in front of me, walking quite quickly. I assume she is in fear that the bus is already at the stop as am I. I open my bag to grab my bus pass and begin jogging.

Then, it happens.

I trip on something and fall face first on the pavement. The funny thing is I felt myself falling and tried to stop it but my momentum was too fast. Have you ever seen a baseball player slide head first into home base.? Well, that is how I looked. lol I slid about a foot and a half across the cobblestone. I felt the skin on my knees and elbows rub off my body as the friction with my body and the pavement increased.

All of my things, including my mug in my right hand and my purse in my left hand went flying along with my book bag all over the cement.

No time to waste, I hopped up off the pavement. But, before I arise, I contemplate just laying there in pain and sheer embarrassment. As I quickly gathered my items, I look around to see if anyone saw me. Thankfully, no one was on the street but me.

I get up and turn the corner to go to the bus stop and see the bus is near my stop. I look in my bag for my bus pass. I realize I do not have it. I look to where I fell and notice  that my bus pass is near a street gutter. Thankfully it didn’t go in the gutter.

Needless to say, I grab my pass and limp to the bus. When I sit down on the bus, I check my wounds: both of my knees, my left elbow and right palm are either burning, bleeding or both. I feel as if I have been hit by a Mack truck. I take the aspirin as soon as I arrive on the bus while I sit and sip my tea.

The Moral of this story: It could be to wake up early so that I can take my time getting to my desired destination. It could be to pay more attention to the ground under me, especially when running.

But the main lesson I learned is that my mug is not leak proof. lol

I learned to always carry an aspirin with me.

I also learned to laugh at myself because my falling was funny, despite the bumps and bruises I have.