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On October 16, I visited Liverpool with some of my flatmates.

Here is a brief history of Liverpool: “In the past, Liverpool prospered because of its shipping industry. As a great port, Liverpool attracted thousands of immigrants from Ireland and Scotland and for this reason its Celtic influences are still apparent. Between 1830-1930, however nine million people emigrated to the New World. It was World War II that led to a resurgence in Liverpool’s importance. The port was once again important as the western gateway for transatlantic supplies. More recently, Liverpool became a UNESCO World Heritage site, like the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. The city won the status because of its impressive waterfront which, according to UNESCO, represents a ‘supreme example of a commercial port at the time of Britain’s greatest global significance’…Perhaps most famous for being the home of the band, The Beatles, Liverpool is also Britain’s largest port standing on the banks of the River Mersey!” –ISA Handout

Before going there, I had no clue what to expect. I had heard of Liverpool and my friend suggested that I visit so I decided to go. While there we took a two hour bus tour of the city. Then, on foot we visited the Albert Dock area, one of the two Cathedrals, and the Liverpool One shopping complex.

The Liverpool Cathedral is the biggest Anglican Cathedral in Europe and it took 74 years to build. In fact, Sir John Betjeman called it ‘one of the great buildings of the world.’ It took 20 minutes to walk to the Cathedral. In fact, after walking 10 minutes, I suggested that we go somewhere else but of course, we trekked on and I hoped that the walk was worth it.

When we finally made it to the Cathedral, the sheer size of the building left me breathless. When we finally went inside the building, I realized just how ornately designed the building was along with the detailed architecture. As we walked to the sanctuary, I realized that an actual church service was taking place.  So, I eased right on in the last row of the pews to listen a little while.

The Cathedral’s structure allows for sound to travel quite easily, especially from the pulpit. The woman preaching sounded like a huge figure, when in fact she was quite short and petite. I listened to her message while taking in the beautiful windows, figures, statues, etc. all over. I looked up and thought to myself  “whoever went all the way up there to create this roof was a brave figure” because I can’t even estimate how far up the ceiling is.

To my right, I noticed an area where you could light a candle and pray. Compelled to say a little prayer, for my family and friends back home, I went and did so. I’m sure God heard every word.

Although we saw many things that day such as the Beatles Museum, Albert Dock, China Town etc., my favorite part was the Cathedral. It made me think of the hymnal How Great Thou Art, especially the words, “Then sings my soul. My Savior, God to thee. How Great Thou Art. How Great Thou Art.”

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