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The word “Humble” is defined by Websters Online Dictionary as “not proud or arrogant; modest…”

In this day and age where bravado is accepted and praised, you rarely run into someone who is truly humble. More often, we meet people who want to toot their own horns about their beauty, status, wealth, power, etc.

Do not misunderstand me: I have no problem with a person acknowledging their success or good fortune; I believe that those who are recognized for their hard work and perseverance, deserve it. However, when the person’s accolades outshine the attributes of their character, that is when it can become problematic.

In society, we are used to people praising their own abilities, their own self-worth, their own appearance, etc. so it is refreshing to meet someone who does the complete opposite.

As I was talking to a friend today, he  told me how his daily morning routine involves reading my blog. (That definitely made my day!) I told him how I just started this whole blogging thing but I have enjoyed it. He then mentioned how his Flickr account is about to reach its 1,000,000 view.

Wow. 1,000,000 views!

 I inquired about what kind of photos he has that would generate 1,000,000 views.  He then began to tell me that  he does architectural photography.

I said, “can I see your pictures?”

He hesitated a little and replied, “I’m quite shy but I can show you some of them if you like. I also have a business card, but don’t show anyone because I’m quite shy.”

After I looked at his website, I noticed how many accolades he did, in fact, have as a result of his work.

One word: Amazing

Through my research, I found out that his work has been included in several magazines, textbooks, on-line articles, etc. In fact, in our University’s library, we have textbooks that have his photographs on the cover. He has also traveled extensively due to his photography.


I’d say so.

I would have never known this interesting fact about him because he never tooted his own horn. Instead, he sought to compliment me on my blog that has an insignificant amount of views in comparison to his.

His humility reminded me  of a great lesson: “we come nearest to the great when we are great in humility”- Rabindranath Tagore

May we all learn a lesson in humility and compliment others. It doesn’t cost you anything and is one of the best gifts you can give.

After he reads this post, I will see if I can persuade him to let me show you some of his pictures and offer a link to his website so you can see what I am talking about. 🙂