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I’ve never been a fan of the Ugg boots; I do not like how they look on my wide and short feet.

However, when I see them on others, I appreciate the style.

In 2009, I remember there was a huge trend in the U.S. to wear Ugg boots. The prices ranged from $125-$200 dollars (if memory serves me correct). Needless to say, I , a meager college student, never saw the necessity in buyng expensive Ugg boots when I could but the knock off brands (and rock them quite well, might I add). lol

Since my arrival in the U.K., I have noticed the pervasiveness in Ugg boots in the youth/young adult culture. In fact, in a class of  approximatley 13 students, 11 are females. Atleast 3  of the 11 have and wear Ugg boots on a regular.

I’ve seen the normal, ordinary styles of Ugg boots but today, I saw this girl wearing the most amazing pair of Ugg boots I have ever seen. I call them “rocker cowgirl” as the  light brown boots have tassles around the top and gold spikes all over the boot.

Intrigued by the girl’s boots, I just had to take a picture (see below).

 These shoes definitely changed my opinion on Uggs. These are 2011 Luxury Ugg Boot collection by renowned fashion designer, Jimmy Choo. The girl who wore them was very friendly. She told me that she purchased  the “rocker cowgirl” Ugg boots for £500 pounds, equivalent to $750 but they are now on sale for £250 which is equivalent to $400 dollars.  

Yes, the amount is correct.

Now, where college students get the money to buy such expensive shoes, I don’t know.  But, I sure wouldn’t mind having a pair myself. So if anyone wants to contribute to the “Help Mo get her first pair of Uggs fund,” I will be more than willing to send you my contact information. LOL 

To learn more about The Story of UGG, see pictures and view prices, visit this website:,en_GB,pg.html

To see more pictures and prices of Ugg boots, visit this website:





Umbrella (song)

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Rihanna is huge in the U.K. as well as many other countries, including the U.S.  Every day I hear her songs, see pictures of her on the front pages of magazines, or hear references to her in various mediums (television/newspaper, etc).


Although her single, “We Found Love” is huge on the charts, I find that an earlier hit seems to be the song of Manchester.   I believe her song,  “Umbrella” is the mot juste for any day here.


It rains daily here; in fact, it has rained non-stop for the past four days. For example, In the span of a few hours, it has been sunny, hailed and rained.  In Manchester, an ensemble is not complete without an umbrella or some type of waterproof clothing (rainboots, jackets, etc) to protect citizens from the weather. For that reason, no matter what fashionable outfit one may wear, it is never complete without a good and sturdy umbrella.

More often than not, you will see people walking around with umbrella’s like the one’s below. So before anyone sings, “Cheers (Drink to That)” while listening to Ri-Ri, it’s best to have your “Umbrella, Ella, Ella, Aye”  handy as well.