I hate to begin another blog with the “while I was in class” anecdote, but honestly that is where a lot of my inspiration seems to stem from now.  Bear with me a few sentences as I set the scene.


A  good public relations campaign should identify three to four critical issues, but only address 1 of those issues. My lecturer began to give a very sound and logical explanations as to why that was the best way to run a campaign. However, one of the reasons she gave as to why seemed a little odd–not incorrect–just the word choice got to me. She stated that depending on the budget, it would be impossible to run certain pr campaigns on a very small budget.  She said it would be impossible.

Under my breathe, I stated, “Well, nothings impossible.”

My classmate and friend sitting next to me replied, “That’s such an American thing to say.”

She did not say it rudely. In fact, she said it with a smile on her face as she is very helpful in helping me understand British customs, words, and their perceptions of Americans.

Her comment made me smile.

Looking back at the evolution and development of America, we have made our name of off making the impossible, possible.

At one point in time, people thought it was impossible to do many things, such as have an engine powered airplane or an electronic hand help calculator or have a portable photographic camera, but these among many other things are what America has shown as possible.

But I believe the attitude of “anything is possible” does not rest solely in the minds of those who live in the “land of the free and home of the brave.”

Every day, many of us around the globe do something that is considered impossible:

 Beating a terminal illness. Living after a horrible car wreck. Beating that old drug habit. Learning to love again after being in a horrible relationship. Awaking from a coma. Reuniting with long lost loved ones. Passing that final exam.

All of these things to some may seem impossible, but for those who dare to believe in the opportunities of life, they know  just how possible, the impossible can be.  

Yes, I agree with my lecturer that a pr campaign with a little budget is limited in it’s campaign strategies/tactics, but like Whitney Houston sang in Cinderella, “Impossible things are happening every day.”

Those who dare to dream have come up with wonderful inventions around the globe. Visit this link for more information: http://corporate.britannica.com/press/inventions.html