The Center for Global Public Relations

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In my lecture that focused on international public relations, we discussed the 9 generic principles Vercic,L .Grunig & J Grunig (1996) argued might help the development of any Global PR program. Their ideas added to the theory of excellence in public relations and communications management by J Grunig ( 1992).

Those 9 generic problems are as follows (taken from lecture given bySarah Williams, MMU):

“PR understood and practiced according to the two-symmetrical model

PR involvement in strategic management

Empowerment of PR  in dominant coalition or in direct reporting relationship to top management
PR function treated as management function independent of other functions
Symmetrical system of internal communication
Managerial role of practitioners
Knowledge potential for the managerial role and symmetrical PR
Diversity embodied in all roles
Integrated PR function”

However, Vercic,L .Grunig & J Grunig (1996) noted how the development of communications program must take into consideration the local conditions/consrtaints of that country.

While sitting in class, I could not help but think about the Center for Global Public Relations, located at the University of North Carolina- Charlotte within the Communication Department.

I have worked there over a year now, and within our office, I believe that we embody these characteristics. For example, our internal communication is definitely symmetric and less of a top-down approach. We communicate regularly with daily and weekly updates along with our weekly meetings. Even for those who are abroad or away, the main office still keeps us in touch with the weekly activities and progress of the Center. We work together to come up with the best strategies and tactics for whatever job is at hand.

Currently, ne of the many things we are working on is the Second Annual Global Research Conference of the Center for Global Public Relations. The Conference will be held on  April 20, 2012, in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.  Abstract submissions of scholarly papers and case studies/position papers should revolve around the conference theme, “Communicating Beyond Borders: Building Relationships Among Corporations, NGO’s and Governments.”

Don’t take my word for it, if you are ever in the area, feel free to stop by our office and meet our team. If you have any inquiries or just want to learn more about what the team does, visit  for more information.