William Ernest Henley

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Overwhelmed. Stressed. Anxious

That would be the mot juste to describe how I am feeling.

Usually, I am the self-proclaimed Queen of  Time Management. Well, I never really “manage” my time, per say. I always just find a way to fit everything in. Hence one of my favorite quotes “Sleeping is Forbidden”- Diddy. “Late nights, early mornings” was the song I sung long before Marsha Ambrosius crooned it. The main difference between our songs is that she is discussing a lover, while I refer to my boyfriend of 12 plus years: My education 🙂

Since I have been here, I have had a difficult time balancing my coursework and my desire to gallavant the streets. If you saw how many fun and interesting things that there were to be done outside of class, you would see why I have been having quite (that’s how the people in the UK say, ‘little) some trouble here. I live in a small flat and staying in my room completing tasks just seem, well….boring, to say the least. I want to explore! I want to meet new people! I want to go out and do whatsoever I please.

And, that has been what I have been doing; However, the logical side (I think it’s the left side) of my brain has seized control and reminded me that I am here for a short time. I have a purpose. School is first. Everything else is second.

But, when I am constantly getting phone calls to go for dinner, go to the movies, go to the mall, go to a pub,  it is very tempting to abandon my books and become one with the night! lol

I must resist the urge to be wined and dined by suitors with nice accents and great conversation. I must hold my ground against nice friends who want to catch up over lunch. I must. I must. I must. Manage my time better to include all these things.

I am usually a night person and this has been the first time in years that I have had to attend classes before 11:00 am.
For that reason, I can no longer stay up until 3 or 4 am chatting away with friends from the U.S. or surfing the web trying to catch up on missed episodes of my favorite shows back home. Properly adjusting to the time difference requires that I monitor my sleep habits. How tragic!

Time to put my game face on and get into the swing of things. Having an extremely long summer definitely did not make this leap back into the world of academia any easier, but hey, I know that it must be done.

I have to manage my time better and get serious about dating my boyfriend of 12 plus years: My education 🙂

I have to remind myself that “I am the Master  of my Fate. I am the Captain of my soul.”-  Invictus by William Ernest Henley