Alarm clock

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Buzzz, Buzzz, Buzzz

My alarm clock goes off and I press the snooze button. 15 minutes later, I arise out of bed to begin my day.

No time for breakfast, I rush out of my dormitory to the bus stop.

Dang, I just missed the 9:30am bus.

Which means I have to take the 9:37am bus.

Wait, Wait, Wait

Taps foot to an aggravated rhythm.

Looks at clock.

I’m definitely going to be late.

I text my classmate asking her to offer my apologies to Mel, my instructor.

I hop on the bus.

There are atleast 20 stops between me and my destination.

Calculation, Translation:

I’m going to be later.

Run off the bus

Bypassing mums and dads, businessmen and women, students like myself

To try to make it before 10:10am.

Where is the room?

In the library

Upstairs to the left

Through the elevators

Up the ramp

Down the hallway


Where’s you i.d?

You need it to get in the library.

Digs in bag.

Heart racing

Deep breathing.

Where is it? Where is it?


I found it!

Shows the i.d.

Rushes down the hallway

To my class.

Mel’s talking.

I walk in. Sit down.

And class begins for me.

10 minutes late. 

Yesterday was my first day of classes.