Hey Ma,

Aw, you miss me;  I miss you too.   School is going really well actually. I created my first PR Campaign today; I realize that there is a lot I don’ t know about Public Relations, but I am willing to learn as much as I can while here. I did not know there were so many facets to pr. I knew there were a lot of different activities that a pr person does, but I did not know I could do corporate pr,consumer pr,  fashion pr, community relations pr, governmental pr, work for a pr agency, business to business pr, charity pr, or I could do freelance pr…..as you can see there are a lot of options, so I hope to actually gain experience in quite a few of those fields while here.

Today, we had a networking event with a lot of different pr firms in manchester. I made about 4-5 really good contacts: business to business pr, consumer pr, governmental pr, corporate pr. Each of them stated they were willing to take me on for a few wks so I could gain some experience. That would be great! Experience is the only way you can make it in PR.

Classes start on Monday. I look forward to it but I know it will be quite a bit of work but myclassmates are very friendly and I think we will get along well. Some of my classmates have already stated how they wish I would stay the entire school year 😉 We all went out tonight. It was fun and calm enivronment so we got to talk with each other.

As always, I am still doing a million things at once: working on thesis research, trying to get organized, still learning my way around Manchester; planning trips to visit different parts of the city, etc.

Also, one of my flat mates is really nice. She brought me a bunch of stuff from freshers fair (a thing that first year students go to in order to get free stuff, information, etc.) when we skype, I will tell you what all she brought me. She is actually the latest addition to the “New Friends” section of my blog.

Love always,