This week began the induction to the International Public Relations Program. So far, I  have gone through different information sessions regarding class registration, safety, program briefing, campus resources, etc. A lof of the information sessions have begun to be redundant because this is the third time I have been given the same information since I had to go to orientation for international students last week and Monday. I must admit. I have had my full of Information sessions.  However, when we got to learn about the specifics of our courses and the plan for our time here, I was excited about the program orientation today.

From our orientation, I learned that this program will be a combination of theory and practice in the field of pr. It seems very interesting as we will be having guest lectures from various PR practitioners from the Manchester area. In the course, we will have the opportunity to work with a live client doing press work for them. We will also be looking at the different areas of public relations in order to gain a greater understanding of what area in which we may like to work. The classroom size is small. We will have a maximum of 14 students in the class and similar to UNC-C, the majority of the students are female.

I like the fact that we are all beginning the course together as this is the beginning of the Masters program for those alongside me in the program. That way, cliques have not been formed and I have less of a chance of being the “odd girl out.”

I am not too worried about the courseload. I know the work will be demanding but I know the benefits of having that practical experience in pr will be priceless so I want to take advantage of my experience. Upon my return, I will be able to use those skills within the our Communication Dept. and the Center for Global Public Relations. Since I am student at Manchester Metropolitan University, I have the privilege of  being a member of the Public Relations Consultants Association, one of the main professional organization specifically for PR agencies in the UK and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, another prestitigious organization focused on PR in the UK.  

I hope to make many personal and professional connections in the UK and tell others about our wonderful program at UNCC.

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