Today I got some sad news from my Mom via email. In the midst of her casual conversation about clothing, the weather, skype and work, she told me that a close family member had been assaulted and currently has a broken nose and a broken eye socket. The doctors do not know whether or not they will be able to save the eye due to the swelling and damage caused by the assault and if they can fix it, the grand total for the procedure would be approximately $25,000.

Now most would assume that since I am abroad I would have been emotionally distraught by the situation; surprisingly, I am not. Although I am sad,  I am pretty calm. Had I no foundation or belief in a power greater than me (God), then upon hearing the news, I may have burst into tears while trying to book the quickest flight back home, forfeiting my opportunity to study abroad, and ruining my chances of graduating on time.

Instead, I choose to  Pray. Pray for strength. Pray for understanding. Pray for his healing. But most of all, pray for the family as a whole, that we make it through this time.

I realize that my presence at home would not have changed what occurred. Even though,  I am abroad, I can serve as a source of support to my family and vice versa.  Thank the Lord for technology and it’s ability to cross space and time to ensure that even when I’m not there physically, I’m there. And I know that no matter where I am, prayer still works.