Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and unlike my usual task of grabbing my keys and driving to the nearest store, life in Manchester has made me become very acquainted with the bus system. Since I am on a budget, I shop around to find the best bargain and although that is economically better, the time and energy it takes to walk from store to store and go from different sections of the town can be draining! Thankfully, my new friend Igho (who I referred to in another post and who you can learn more about my reading the “new friends” section of my blog) is a WHIZ with numbers. I assume that is one of the reasons she is a business major.

She is indeed, the fairy Godmother that I was looking for to assist me with everything from knowing where to catch the bus, how to get to campus, where are the best places to shop, what prices are reasonable, and where to hang out for fun, she has definitely been a life saver! She has helped me carry bags from ASDA (similiar to Walmart) when I forgot that I’m only so big, therefore my shopping bags have to be limited whenever I shop. She even clips coupons. Score!! Before I buy anything my favorite line is, “Igho, is this reasonable?” 😉

She makes sure I have everything I need from plaster when I cut my finger in my room to bedding when I forgot to buy the cover sheet to go over my bed. I am glad to have found a friend in her!

On the 85 Bus to go to Charlton to shop! It was a loooong day.

Waiting on the Bus