Today was my first day abroad and so far, everything is going pretty well. The time difference has me a little jet lagged but beyond that, all is fine. The ppl. who live in my dormitory are really nice. I met this Nigerian girl named Igho (pronounced as ig as in igloo) who has been REALLY helpful; she showed me how to get to campus (which is different because the campus is not in one central location) and the supermarket, etc.  Although I spend a lot of time talking to other exhange students, sometimes, I do not have a clue what they are talking about. For example, Igho asked me if I would like to drink some squash. I frowned my face up and told her no. She said it’s really healthy. I declined. She persisted. I looked at the mixture and said, I prefer my squash steamed. She looked at me very funny.

Well, long story short, squash is not the vegetable that I thought. It is this concentrated drink you mix with water. lol The drink comes in all colors. Lesson Learned Here: Although we both speak English, there is definitely some form of Squash is also a sport here… idk how they play that sport.

And a lot of the international students I meet are AMAZED at the fact that I am an American. For example, I met one girl and now she always asks me “How is America? How is America?” lol I showed her some American money and she was like, “OMG, I touched America!” lol I also met this wonderful girl named Nabsie who has been lovely towards me (they use the word lovely a lot here, so I thought I would throw that in). She has offered to take me to see the various sights around town, which should be fun!

Little things are so different here. For example, I went to use my shower and wet the ENTIRE bathroom floor. You have to push the pump every 10 seconds to keep the water running and the shower head is not attached so you have to hold it, so it was a hot mess trying to take a shower last night.